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Nick Blackwell

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Our team brings together a committed and passionate group of professionals with extensive IT and practical on-the-water commercial boating experience. Based in the beautiful Okanagan valley, British Columbia, Canada we are a project team of Limnology Research Corp, a dedicated Canadian company developing innovative technology improving boating and marine safety.

Meet the Team

Nick Blackwell

The SailingPlan.org project team is committed to innovation and improving marine safety.

Nelson R. Jatel

Nick Blackwell

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Founder & CEO
Nelson is a senior project manager with over 15 years of experience and has a background in freshwater science, a Master's degree in water governance, a Doctoral Candidate in water governance and was previously the Executive Director of the Okanagan Partnership - a business led non-profit focused on collaboration and identifying practical 'small solutions' to support a globally competitive Okanagan. Nelson is a certified professional small vessel (less than 5 GT) master and licensed BC Fishing Guide.

Brian McKenzie

Nick Blackwell

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Brian is a marketing and strategic planning professional with nearly 20 years of training and experience. A decade as a marketing consultant and another in not-for-profit has allowed Brian to successfully contribute to the growth of dozens of organizations with progressive and creative marketing strategies. He has held board positions with numerous businesses and non-profit organizations. Currently, Brian leads marketing and business development for an early-stage education technology firm.

Jon Corbett

Nick Blackwell

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Software design lead
Jon Corbett has a MSc from Oxford and a PhD from the University of Victoria. Jon’s is interested in how maps and digital technologies can be used to help express people's relationship to, and knowledge of, the places in which they live.

Nick Blackwell

Nick Blackwell

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Software designer
Nick Blackwell is currently a Level 5 Research Technician and previously studied Electronic Engineering at Okanagan College, and Computer Science and the University of British Columbia. Nick’s software design experience is in developing and maintaining participatory mapping applications as well as mobile integration (IOS, Android) and server management.

Kimberley Kehler

Nick Blackwell

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Marine Safety Expert
Kimberley provides marine surveys for boat owners, commercial operators, marine retailers, insurance companies, and financial institutions. She is an expert in safety management systems and policy and procedure recommendations, stability assessments, and small vessel compliance program consultations.

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