The Sailing Plan – Small Vessel Safety App Sponsorship Program


The Sailing Plan App gives key sponsors access to in-app and email campaign sponsorship opportunities.

The banner is shown randomly our the homepage and all relevant sponsors are noted in each daily summary email.

We offer one, and possibly two, emails direct to opted-in users per year from sponsors. The Sailing Plan team reserves the right to approve or deny the content of the email to ensure a high-quality experience for our users.

This sponsorship program gives access to a rare market:

  • Well defined and economically desirable market niche
  • Broad demographic across your focus area (national or provincial)
  • Audience with a high household income
  • Audience with very broad needs

Let’s work together to determine a campaign that works for your organization. Email us at partners@sailingplan.ca for more information.

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Sailing Plan Small Vessel Safety App is created by Limnology Research Corp.

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