One-third of all water-related deaths in Canada occur while boating.

The majority of boating fatal accidents are caused by: capsizing, collision, or falling overboard.

Until now, there was no Sailing Plan mobile app

(iOS or Android).

Sailing Plan™ launched April 17, 2019.

Join us.

Canada’s only automated sailing plan app for small vessel safety!

The Sailing Plan™ small vessel safety app is a fast and easy-to-use tool for creating, filing and sharing sailing plans before heading out on the water.

Overdue boaters will never be overlooked again.

Our unique Automated Escalation System is activated immediately and forwards all sailing plan details to the appropriate contacts – set by the captain.

Captains keep their passengers safer by using the app, by managing their outings and keeping emergency contacts informed. The app escalates overdue plans from the server – not the app – so the right people are notified – at the right time – every time.


As long as the subscription is active – The Sailing Plan™ layers rich, detailed information on any voyage, becoming a retrievable log.

Saving Lives.

Escalations are cloud-based, not app based. So the captain doesn’t need to actively ask for help or have a network connection.

The system escalates automatically.

Saving Time.

A sailing plan can be done in seconds. No more faxing or posting yellow sticky notes!

Sailing plans are saved and can be retrieved anytime while the subscription is active.

Sailing plans ensure efficiency in communicating with emergency authorities.

Saving Money.

With an active annual subscription, boaters can log details and notes on every trip for quick reference and retrieval in a single location.

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Why is filing a sailing plan so important?

With Sailing PlanTM – the small vessel safety app, the process is entirely automated at the server – not at the app or device level.

That means…

  • No one forgets to check in with the captain.
  • No one assumes the captain is safe.
  • No one is left unsearched for.

Transport Canada recommends boaters prepare a sailing plan – before leaving home port – and leave a copy with a responsible person on shore. These plans help guide search and rescue teams in the event of an overdue trip.

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Developed in Partnership with Search and Rescue New Initiative Fund

The Sailing Plan App for Small Vessel Safety team brings together a committed and passionate group of professionals with extensive technology and practical on-the-water commercial boating experience.


Based in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of BC, we are a project team of Limnology Research Corp, a dedicated Canadian company developing innovative technology improving boating and marine safety.

Sailing Plan App is created by Limnology Research Corp.

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