Report overdue vessels to the nearest Search & Rescue

If you have a genuine concern for the safety or welfare of the persons onboard an overdue vessel that have not returned or checked-in, in a reasonable amount of time:

  1. Call the appropriate rescue authority contact listed below.
  2. Tell the dispatcher you are responding to a late return or check-in by the persons on board the vessel.
  3. The dispatcher will instruct you from there.
    Note: The dispatcher will provide you with the necessary contact or agency connection to get a search and rescue mission started. This puts you in direct contact with agency conducting the actual search and rescue, eliminating unnecessary middlemen. The dispatcher will tell you is he/she desires a follow-up call on the outcome of the rescue.
  4. Be patient…you’ve done everything you can possibly do for now. It is important to keep the telephone available so emergency personnel can contact you with additional information and/or questions concerning the search and rescue effort.

Anywhere in Canada or the US: Call 9-1-1

  • Halifax (Atlantic Region): +1 (902) 427-8200
  • Trenton (Central & Arctic Canada): +1 (613) 965-3870 |
  • Victoria (Pacific Region): +1 (250) 413-8933 | jrccvictoria@sarnet.dnd. ca
  • Quebec (Quebec Region): +1 (418) 648-3599 |

Contact information source:

The worldwide Search and Rescue Contacts website is managed by the Canadian Coast Guard in JRCC Halifax location.

For more information, visit JRCC Halifax website.

Updated: April 15, 2019